Virtual Shakespeare Camp - reflections on Summer 2020

Virtual Shakespeare Camps were a huge success!

Campers ages 7 to 18 were able to 'act up at home' this summer and learn about the world of Shakespeare, theatre, and performance in a fun and supportive virtual environment. One favourable benefit to the online camps was the reduction in commute time (instead of having to drive to and from the camp site, all you had to do was log-in!) and the ability of family and friends to join in for the final performance who otherwise would have missed it due to geographic constraints. 

Speaking of geography, it's worth noting that 10 of this summer's campers were from outside of the Bay Area and 5 of the 10 were from other states (Hello Washington, New York, and Maryland!) Of course, all points of the Bay Area were also represented, with actors hailing from San Francisco, the Peninsula, the South Bay, the East Bay, and the North Bay.

This summer's campers collaborated to produce:
Perfromance QUAD

It was no small feat to make all of this happen! Over the course of the summer season:

  • 10 usurpers' heads heads were cursed!
  • 5 earth-shattering virtual storms took place
  • 10 eye-balls were gouged (yuk!)
  • 109 card board tubes were forged into daggers
  • 15 Kings ended up dead
  • 13 prophecies came to pass
  • 39 ghostly apparitions appeared

Clearly it was a busy summer!   We couldn't have done it without YOU and we are deeply appreciative. Special thanks to the talented roster of Shakespeare campers, who joined us this summer when we got thrown a pretty wild curve ball earlier in the season and  virtual camps became the norm.

Likewise, we owe our outstanding Shakespeare Camp teaching artists and managers a big round of applause for their willingness and dedication to continue making Shakespeare Camps a fun and engaging program, even in the virtual realm. Huzzah!

We look forward to being in touch with news and updates about Fall programs!