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Robert Sicular flanked by
The Merry Wives
of Windsor

(Elizabeth Carter, left
& Kay Kostopoulos, right)
- Free Shakespeare
in the Park, 2001


















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Become a Friend of the Shakespeare Festival

The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival brings Shakespeare's greatest works to over 30,000 in the Bay Area each summer with Free Shakespeare in the Park.

Free Shakespeare in the Park has become as much a part of summer in the Bay Area as a backyard barbecue — bringing professional, free performances of the Bard's greatest works to diverse audiences for over 20 years.

And each year we reach a new audience of over 120,000 kids throughout the state with our unique arts education programs — Shakespeare on Tour, Midnight Shakespeare, and Bay Area Shakespeare Camps.

The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival has grown into one of the nation's premiere free Shakespeare producers and a vital regional arts organization with strong roots in your community. Because of our substantial growth, we rely more than ever on the kind assistance of friends such as you who share our belief that the power and beauty of William Shakespeare's work should be accessible to everyone.

Your financial donation will help us continue to secure the best local artists for Free Shakespeare in the Park; hire talented counselors for our Bay Area Summer Camps; provide stunning sets and costumes for our statewide Shakespeare on Tour school performances; and help us to bring vital theater training to inner-city youth with Midnight Shakespeare.

Join Now!
Become a Friend of the Festival and enjoy these benefits. Call us at (415) 558-0888.

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Enjoy these benefits!

- Subscription to our annual "Year-in-Review" Newsletter
- Invitation to Midnight Shakespeare performances

- All of the above, plus
- Free Shakespeare in the Park Autographed Poster

- All of the above, plus
- Invitation to V.I.P. Free Shakespeare in the Park opening reception

- All of the above, plus
- Invitation to "Meet the Artist" Events
- Recognition in Festival Program

- All of the above, plus
- Invitation to annual Friends of the Festival Event with Artists and Staff

BARD $1,000
- All of the above, plus
- Private Lunch with Festival Artists and Leaders

Call (415) 558-0888 to become a Friend of the Festival today.

How can you help keep Free Shakespeare free and not spend a dime?
Through an in-kind donation! You will help the Festival and receive a tax donation. In these challenging times, every donation makes a difference.

You can donate:

  • FREQUENT FLYER MILES (contact us for more information)

    - Administrative help (filing, typing, stuffing envelopes etc.)
    - Computer expertise
    - Printing
    - Help loading and moving the Free Shakespeare sets
    - Vehicle/auto repair
    - Volunteers at Free Shakespeare in the Park

  • Items we need in the office:
    - Digital camera
    - Computer equipment (scanner, printers, etc.)
    - Vacuum cleaner
    - Office chairs
    - Folding tables (the lighter the better)
    - Office supplies such as copier paper, pens, tape, etc.

  • Items we need in the scenic shop:
    - Lumber: whole sheets of plywood and Masonite,
    8 foot+ lengths of new 2x4, 4x4, 1x4 and 1x6
    - Steel (1.25" box steel .060 guage)
    - Tools (hand & power)
    - Cordless screw guns and impact drivers (Ryobi 18v)
    - Portable light dimmer rack
    - Cartons of spike tape and gaff tape
    - Scenic grade vinyl acrylic paint
    - Acrylic paint

  • Items we need for our arts education programs:
    - Hotel lodging statewide for Shakespeare on Tour
    - Markers
    - Construction paper
    - Water-based paint
    - Brushes
    - Board Games
    - Small Outdoor Games/Sports Equipment
    - Canvas or muslin
    - Fabric
    - Plastic storage tubs
    - White boards
    - Portable CD players that will play discs burned in-house
    - Laminator
    - Pick-up truck
    - Commercial vehicles: step van, panel truck, flat bed trailer
    - Gasoline (a gas card or gift certificate)

    We're also part of Cole Hardware's community assistance program, so mention us when you shop there. Click here for more information

  • Donate Stock / Gifts of Appreciated Securities
    You have the option to utilize stock (as well as cash & credit) when making a donation to the Festival.

    - Benefits of Donating Appreciated Securities

    If you have held the stock for more than one year and if it has appreciated in value, this option provides you with significant tax advantages. Donated stock is exempt from capital gains taxes. Moreover, you may claim the full appreciated market value of the donation as a tax deduction. Ask your financial advisor to investigate how you can best utilize this option.

    - How To Make a Stock Donation

    It is very easy to donate stock to the Festival!
    Instruct your financial advisor or broker to transfer stock from your account to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (DTC #0015) and to credit The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival.
    The Festival’s FEIN Tax Number is 94-286-7269.2) Call Toby Leavitt, Festival Executive Director at: 415-558-0888 with the number and type of shares so that she can coordinate with Festival broker Dan Weiner at Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and so that we can credit it appropriately.

  • Employee Matching Gifts

    Your contributions can have twice the impact if you participate in your company's matching program. These companies are among those offering gift matching programs toemployees. To request a matching gift, just fill out the form on your corporate web site or request one from your HR contact. Please let us know that your gift will be matched so we can follow up with your employer regarding your generous contribution.

Corporate Sponsorship Opportunities

The value of corporate partnerships is on the rise and sponsoring a high profile, quality community event like Free Shakespeare in the Park has many benefits. Sponsorship creates awareness, increases loyalty, and reinforces image among potential and existing customers. And it’s a wonderful way to give to the community.In a recent survey by Cone Consulting, researchers saw a sharp increase in the importance that people placed on a company's support of charitable causes. Over 70% of respondents said they "place importance on a company's support of charitable causes when deciding what to buy or where to shop, where to work, which companies to invest in, and which companies I would like to see doing business in my community."

In recognition of their cash donations, companies can receive on-site and media visibility as well as numerous hospitality opportunities, including high visibility logo placement on in-station BART ads, transit ads, newspaper ads, and billboards.

- ID in programs and on posters
- Announcements from the stage
- Company picnics
- Invitations to Show Openings and special exclusive events

To become a corporate sponsor of the Shakespeare Festival, please phone Toby Leavitt at (415) 865-4430 or (800) 978-PLAY or send her an email.

Thank you for your support of the San Francisco Shakespeare Festival!

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