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Tailor-Made Residencies

"I do desire to learn sir!"
- Measure For Measure, Act 4, Scene 2
Tailor-Made Residency student group
SF Shakes teaching artists get Shakespeare curriculum on its feet!

Tailor-Made Residencies bring San Francisco Shakespeare Festival’s 30 years of educational and theatrical expertise to students for an immersive experience that they will never forget! Collaborating with classroom teachers, we create curriculum that is specifically tailored to their learning objectives and their students. Whether we provide a few classroom visits, a full rehearsal period culminating in a final production or anything in between, our acclaimed and highly competent teaching artists use their skills and training to inspire students to get excited about Shakespeare!

Choose the residency model that best fits your goals!

Immersive Intensive:
A full time, multiple day program that includes classes, design and creation of technical elements and rehearsal, all culminating in a production of an abridged Shakespeare play.

Semester Study:
A long term, project based learning program focused upon a particular play, with a final performance or presentation of the students’ work.

Afterschool Activity:
An opportunity to play and experience Shakespeare outside of the classroom. Curriculum focuses on games, acting essentials, voice, movement and, of course, Shakespeare’s words!

Creative Curriculum:
Short-term collaborations with English Language Arts teachers to support and enliven their compulsory Shakespeare curriculum with whole-body, performance based exercises and games that help to bring Shakespeare to life.

We have partnered on Tailor-Made Residencies with a number of institutions and student groups throughout the Bay Area and beyond, including Loomis Basin Charter School, Tamalpais High School, Belmont Thinkering Day School and Lick Wilmerding High School.

We currently have programs at Peninsula Homeschool Group and Mission Preparatory Charter School.

No matter their age, students leave a Tailor-Made residency in love with Shakespeare and wanting more! Contact us to discuss your needs and select the best residency for you and your students.

For More Information:
Call (415) 865-4423 or e-mail Carl Holvick-Thomas,

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