The Winter's Tale: Free Shakespeare in the Park 2016

Luminous and heartbreaking, tragic and gloriously funny, The Winter's Tale is the crowning achievement of Shakespeare's late career, a magical tale that swoops across continents, generations, and genres to its bittersweet and beautiful conclusion. King Leontes of Sicilia trusts his own paranoid beliefs against all evidence to the contrary, plunging his kingdom into a chain of tragedies - culminating in Shakespeare's most famous stage direction, "Exit pursued by a Bear." But in the play's darkest hour, a baby girl survives to grow up in the happy kingdom of Bohemia, ignorant of her noble past. Thanks to the wisdom of the Lady Paulina and the magic of theatre, Leontes learns that not all losses can be reversed, but redemption is possible. Music, dance, and a trio of delightful clowns all make this romance a treat for the whole family.

The Cast of The Winter's Tale

The Production Team of The Winter's Tale