Stage Combat

Learn how actors create and choreograph filmed and theatrical fight scenes in one or more combat styles!

Through one of Shakespeare's fight scenes, (such as Macbeth, Henry IV, Romeo & Julietour licensed combat directors instruct in basic swordplay and the illusions of violence for theatrical combat. This workshop will explore basic techniques needed to create a safe and effective fight for the stage.

Explore the basic aspects of unarmed stage combat: falling, knaps, punches, footwork, reactions. If you select a weapon form students will learn parry's, thrusts, cuts and how to fight by the numbers. This is also a great residency if you want to bring in a fight choreographer for a play you are directing.

Particular attention will be paid to the safeties required to perform fights and illusions of violence as well as how to connect stage combat techniques to text, character and intention.

This workshop will have you up and about practicing stage combat.

Single Sword or Rapier
Quarter Staff

Length of Residency: Minimum 4 sessions

Cost: Starting at $ 530 (in-person)
(For a virtual Stage Combat workshop, or a one-session un-armed basics workshop, click here)

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