World of Shakespeare


This residency will explore the world in which Shakespeare lived and wrote his plays, including:

  • Elizabethan & Jacobean culture in the 1500-1600s
  • Social structure and class hierarchy
  • Religion and its impact on culture
  • Shakespeare’s personal biography
  • Theatres and acting companies in Shakespeare’s time

Active, on-your-feet games include:

  • Exploring Status....then and now!
  • Shakespearean insults... and compliments!
  • The language of Shakespeare’s plays... and how it supports the actors’ craft
  • Cue scripts and how Shakespeare’s actors rehearsed and performed

This residency approaches and interrogates Shakespeare’s legacy using SF Shakes’ inclusive values and an understanding of European colonial history.

Length of Residency: 4 sessions

Cost: Starting at $450 (virtual)
$495 (in-person)

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