SF Shakes is proud to introduce Playshops, an in-person (or virtual), interactive, performance-based way for students to experience the language and themes of Shakespeare, where our experienced Teaching Artists will get students activated while speaking Shakespeare’s language and exploring his timeless themes.

Playshops are for educators looking to energize their classrooms with the power of live performance. Materials are appropriate for all grades K-12; specific exercises and content vary by grade level. The Teaching Artists are trained professionals with comprehensive backgrounds in Shakespeare and performance.

Key features of Playshops include:

  • Warm ups: waking up the voice and body
  • Full participation: including group and individual activity
  • Game-based activities: encouraging teamwork and collaboration
  • Language exploration: giving each student the chance to speak Shakespeare’s words
  • Personal exploration: making Shakespeare your own

Customize your Playshop! Our Playshops include text from several of Shakespeare's plays, but we can customize to any play you're studying.  
If you prefer us to use language from a specific play, please let us know on the request form.

Send your booking request NOW and have your students saying "I didn't know Shakespeare was so much fun!"

Length of Residency: Minimum 1 session

Cost: varies by distance and size of group; please email inquiry with details

Click here for an Explanation of Pricing