Making Virtual Theatre

The live Making Virtual Theatre webinar has ended but you can access recordings of all sessions, including the eighth bonus session on "Technical Procedures" by using the enrollment form.

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In Making Virtual Theatre, you will learn how SF Shakes developed techniques and practices for mounting a virtual production of King Lear for Free Shakespeare at Home, Summer 2020. This webinar will touch on all the major categories of production including broadcasting, directing, acting, choreographing, designing, and more. You'll learn about our triumphs and our setbacks. We'll share what worked and what didn't, in hopes of inspiring you to create your own virtual theatre projects. All webinar sessions are interactive and will have plenty of time devoted to your questions.

If you are interested in using Zoom, Open Broadcasting Software, and a platform like YouTube or Twitch to produce a play, then this webinar series is essential. For King Lear, SF Shakes developed a Unified Virtual Space (UVS) that allowed distanced actors to share the same virtual stage. This webinar series is largely structured around using UVS to create live theatrical performance.

Webinar Schedule (subject to change)

All webinars take place on Saturdays 10-11:30 AM PST

Nov 21 - Tech Overview: Technical Director Neal Ormond provides an overview of creating Unified Virtual Space
Dec 5 - Directing: Tech Director Neal Ormond and Director Elizabeth Carter review how to effectively direct in Unified Virtual Space
Jan 9 - Acting: Cast members from King Lear review techniques and needs for green screen acting in Unified Virtual Space
Jan 23 - Production & Stage Management: Production & Stage Managers present best practices for a successful virtual show
Feb 6 - Visual Design: Design team members share strategies for creating effective scenery, lighting, make-up, props, & costumes for UVS
Feb 27 - Stage Combat & Sound Design: Design team members share the challenges of creating realistic fights live in UVS, and how sound design became a part of that process
Mar 13 - Audience Engagement: Engagement team members talk about how the online chat and Zoom Q&As became a critical part of creating virtual community

Fee for a single webinar is $5-50 (sliding scale) or sign up for the full series of 7 episodes for $30-$250.

Space is limited - register NOW and get on the ground floor of this innovative technique!
(Missed a session? Request the recording when you register for the series!)