Free Shakespeare in the Park 2022

Our 40th Season!

Join us this summer for our 40th Anniversary of Free Shakespeare in the Park! We'll be staging a production of Shakespeare’s delightful romantic comedy, Much Ado About Nothing. This will be SF Shakes' fourth production of this play, having also staged it in 1987, directed by Albert Takazaukas); 1997, directed by Albert Takazaukas and Hector Correa; and most recently in 2005, directed by Kenneth Kelleher. (See entire production history.)

Performances Begin Saturday July 23 in Cupertino, August 13 in Redwood City,
and September 3 in San Francisco.
See schedule dates and details.

We are pleased to announce Shannon Davis is our Director and Vanessa Dalpiaz is Assistant Director for our 40th Anniversary Season Free Shakespeare in the Park.
More information about the creative team will be posted HERE.

This beloved classic features the intermingling of two different love stories - Hero and Claudio, whose love is challenged by jealousy, and Beatrice and Benedick who work through their past history with each other to find love again. The villainy of Don John and the malaprop-spouting Constable Dogberry add to the fun!

The play was selected by the company’s Resident Artists who felt, according to Artistic Director Rebecca J. Ennals, that “after the past 2 years, we were ready for a comedy.” During the season planning process, the artists noted that Much Ado’s humor isn’t purely escapist - the darker side of life is very much present, and the lovers have to be brave enough to take risks and be willing to change. “It feels like a good story for our 40th,” says Ennals. “Beatrice and Benedick aren’t idealized young lovers, they have a history, and they’ve been burned in the past. Being brave enough to hope, to try again, to get back out there - their story feels right for this moment.”

We at the Festival believe that Shakespeare experienced in a communal setting -­‐ whether it be outdoors, in a classroom, in a theater, or live online -­‐ elates the soul, inspires the mind, and unifies those who sit beside each other. We hope that you agree and we look forward to seeing you this summer!