Donate Stock or Appreciated Securities

Benefits of Donating Appreciated Securities

If you have held a Stock position or security for more than one year, and if it has appreciated in value, this option provides you with significant tax advantages. Donated stock and securities are exempt from capital gains taxes. Moreover, you may claim the full appreciated market value of the donation as a tax deduction. Ask your financial advisor to investigate how you can best utilize this option.

How To Make a Stock Donation

It's easy! 

  1. Instruct your financial advisor or broker to transfer stock from your account to Morgan Stanley Dean Witter (DTC #0015) and to credit The San Francisco Shakespeare Festival. The Festival’s FEIN Tax Number is 94-286-7269.  
  2. Call Festival Executive Director Toby Leavitt at 415-558-0888 with the number and type of shares so that she can coordinate with Morgan Stanley Dean Witter, and so that we can acknowledge your gift appropriately.

Your contributions can have twice the impact if you participate in your company's matching gift program. Some companies offer matching programs to employees. These often cover both cash and stock donations. To request a matching gift, you can either:

  1. Fill out the form on your corporate web site.
  2. Request a form from your company’s Human Resources contact.
  3. Contact us and we can investigate whether or not your company offers a matching gift program.
Please let us know that your gift will be matched so we can follow up with your employer regarding your generous contribution.